A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Second Edition, published online, and its printed version available at Amazon

The latest version of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, version 4, Second Printed Edition, was published online some days ago. It includes a lot of minor corrections, new examples and sections, and hundreds of pages of Indo-European words and their etymology. It is – as always – licensed under a dual CC-by-sa and GNU FDL.

It has been eventually approved for its printed version at Amazon, and is now available for purchase. The general features of the printed edition are as follows:

  • Page Count: 824
  • Price: 19.99$
  • Binding Type: US Trade Paper
  • Trim Size: 7″ x 10″
  • Language: English
  • Color: Black and White

It is highly recommended to replace older versions of the ebook with version 4 or newer, as it entered a stable version of the language system.

The web page of the grammar offers the book in different formats, to download or read online


  1. antonio

    glad to know you are still on the project and a new version of the grammar is on.
    hope to have time anytime soon to collaborate on this interesting project.

  2. Gaelforce

    I’ve been reading the online and PDF versions, and am very impressed! (The printed version is on my “Must Buy Next Time I Have Some Money” list. :-D)

    One request, if it’s possible – I do know it will be a lot of work for you, but it would help beginners enormously – concerns dictionary entries: I wonder if it would be possible to include the various stems of a verb, and perhaps at least the genitive case of a noun, in the manner of Latin dictionaries?

    Given that there are so many verbs, for example, that inflect the same way in the present but have radically different aorist stems, this would really help. Right now it means searching online for Sanskrit and Greek forms and taking the best guess.

    Still, thanks and congratulations for your hard work on an amazing project!

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