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This plugin has a widget version, the WordPress Translator Widget, whose latest version might be downloaded from the official site at WordPress Plugin Repository; it should be the preferred plugin for those completely unfamiliar with PHP, HTML and WordPress in general.
EDIT (1 May 2011): After losing the plugin files in a recent server update, the Widget is the only plugin available. If you know PHP, you just have to copy&paste the appropriate text from the widget to obtain a simpler plugin.

Dnghu.php is the very, very simple PHP script I am using used for this blog and other websites, which adds translations from and into all language pairs offered by Google Translate. I prepared the first script to be able to offer our European Union Language Policy and to make our Indo-European grammar available in any possible language through machine web translation, and it is currently used in all untranslated websites of Dnghu.
Unlike other scripts, which are also WordPress translator utilities, dnghu.php does not use flag images, it is probably the simplest possible script you can write to add this functionality, it doesn’t add any link to this or any other site (apart from Google Translate), and it should be valid XHTML.

These are the scripts prepared for different language pairs, named “dnghu_ln_x.php”, where ln is the original language code to translate from (the main language your blog is written in), and _x being either v, which stands for vertical (sidebar) script (like the one used in Europe’s Indo-European), h, for a horizontal one (like the one which appears in this blog), and menu for a simple menu (like the one in the Spanish version of CarlosQuiles.com), similar to the Google gadget menu, but fully customizable and without its logos and links.

It worked from WordPress 2.0 to WordPress 2.8.5; I haven’t tried it out in other versions. However, if it works in this website, it probably works in the latest WordPress version.

Installation (you should know some basic HTML to deal with files, PHP is not necessary):

  1. Upload the dnghu_ln_x.php file to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin on the WordPress plugin screen.
  3. Go to the directory of your WordPress theme, usually in wp-content/themes/ – if you haven’t selected a different one, it is the /default/
  4. Open the file where you want the script to appear, normally header.php (if you want it in the header), sidebar.php (if you want it in the sidebar) or footer.php
  5. Add <?php transdukete(); ?> exactly where you want the translation utility to appear within the part of the page you’ve already chosen


NOTE: ZIP package includes both the dnghu_v(ertical), the dnghu_h(orizontal) and the dnghu_menu versions – you should activate only one plugin in the same blog.

(1 May 2011) FILES NOT AVAILABLE. Please refer to
WordPress Translator Widget


This code is licensed under the GNU GPL.

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